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How To Please Your Man: Ten Ways To Keep Your Guy Happy

By Deangelo Maddy

Do you want to know how to please your man so he will always be happy? Are you looking for ways to please your man? How much effort does it take to please your man?Whether you are in a new or old relationship, most women want to please their man in order to keep them happy. This doesn't necessarily mean in the bedroom either as there are plenty of other ways to keep him happy. Keep reading for a look at some suggestions.
[How To Please Your Man]

It's been said time and again: if you want to know how to please your man, you've got to stop smothering him. Give him space, time to relax away from you and the kids or other responsibilities, and understand that men tend to unwind in different ways than women.

Drama seems to follow some women around like a puppy, but your man will be much happier if you try to check the drama at the door. Granted, there are going to be those days, but try as much as you can to keep the drama to a minimum. If you are having a moment, bring your guy into the conversation and talk about what is going on and don't flip out with every chance you get.

Sure, every guy tells stupid jokes every now and then. Would it really hurt to laugh, instead of looking disgusted? How to please your man in an interesting way? Try to see things from his point of view. You might start to understand exactly what is so funny.

That doesn't mean you can't please your man's appetite, though. You could instead go out of your way to buy his favorite food and surprise him with a breakfast in bed or a romantic candlelit dinner in your living room. It's the thought that counts.This is the most important tip of all. Nagging won't solve anything so avoid doing it at all costs!Rather, try to be mature (and quiet) on how you handle your fights, and your guy will love you all the more for it. Only a rare woman has the ability to control the instinctive urge to nag and all guys know this.

Do you know how to please your man, so that he will never want to stray from your side? Have you tried different things, but none of them have worked the way you want them to? Are you sick of worrying that your man is unhappy in your relationship and might leave you? The good news is, there are many ways to make your man happy. All it takes is a little bit of love, lots of attention to detail, and a little bit of time. Here are some great ways to make your guy fall down at your feet - and never want to leave!

Giving your guy the green light to spend time with his buddies is one of the fastest ways to enjoy a happy home life. Think about it: do you want to spend time with a guy who is sullen because the guys are out playing golf, or would you rather hang with a happy partner who is the envy of all the guys who "have to stay home"?

The way you think about how to please your man has a lot to do with the success you'll see. If you think in a positive way, then you'll have a greater chance at success.One thing you definitely do not want to do, is look for ways to make your guy happy, without really caring whether those things apply to him. Your guy will know whether you have put a real effort into making him happy, or if you're just doing what you're doing, to make yourself look better in his eyes.

Nobody wants to be controlled. Do you whine and pester your guy? Do you nag him about everything under the sun? Stop now, before your problems get any worse. Take it a step further and come up with a code word for your guy to use any time he notices that you're nagging. When he uses it, stop and apologize.

Make time to have fun together. Learn to enjoy participating in things he likes. Fishing and golf come to mind - you can really bond over a bucket of bait, or a bucket of balls.How to please your man, and make him love you even more? Love him for who he is - the unique individual who has the power to help you live a happier life. Isn't love what it' all about, anyway?

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